Disable “Task has been Changed” Notifications

In Sharepoint 2010 when you have notifications turned on users receive notifications by default when tasks are created and when tasks change.

Depending on your workflow requirements this can result in users being flooded with too many notifications. To disable the “Change” notification but keep the original assignment notification you can follow the instructions in this post.

If you want to script it so you can deploy it part of a solution package, or as a powershell script then you can also use Object Model:

SPList workflowtasks = web.Lists["Tasks"];
workflowtasks.EnableAssignToEmail = true;

//Disable Changed notifications
var alert = web.Alerts.Cast<SPAlert>().FirstOrDefault(i => i.List.ID == workflowtasks.ID && i.EventType == SPEventType.All);
if (alert != null)
 alert.EventType = SPEventType.Add;

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